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Solution Focus Therapy

The concept behind solution focused therapy is that it is goal orientated and furture focused.

What is Solution Focused Therapy?

The concept behind solution focused therapy is that it is goal orientated and furture focused. The strageties focus on solutions rather than on the problem. My personal approach is that no matter what therapeutic orientation I apply in individual, couples or family therpy, I provide my clients will action orientated solutions and approaches to their problems. Solution focus therapy can stand alone or used along with other therapy styles and interventions. It is successful in treating all types of issues and people of all ages.

What can you learn?

Of course you come to therapy in order to discuss your problem. How things will be different working with me is that although I believe your problems are important and need to be discussed, I will not dwell on every detail of the program you are experiencing. Rather we will work together to explore solutions and how to address your problems. Specific problem solving will provide you with the opportunity for quicker relief from the negative symptoms you may be experiencing.  My goal is you help you find realistic, workable solutions as quick as possible.

How is Solution Focus Therapy Benifical to You and Your Family?

My goal is to provide you and your family solutions for life!

I want to assist you and your family make changes in your life and relationships that will promote health changes. Finding lasting solutions to a problems, is our goal, in our work together. No matter what the reason is that you decided to seek professional help I will help you, the client, formulate a solution, set goals and implement the solution.

My approach relies heavily on us, therapist and client, working together. With your motivation to address the problem and make a change, your quality of life will improve.

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